Investment & Entrepreneurship in ICT

Pars Science and Wealth Investment and Entrepreneurship Co., one of the subsidiary companies of KSI Co. begins its activity in ICT fields relying on knowledge of local expert in 2015. Initially, this company was working as a leading business unit in the Kish Spanta group for the production of new ideas based on ICT and then with getting the necessary experience, it registered its own legal identity.


By providing an active environment, the company is working on providing solutions in the field of information and communication technology, including several applications with the purpose of providing services in payment areas, education and also bulk information analysis and data mining in order to conquer the ICT markets of the country.


Pars Science and wealth as an investor in the field of entrepreneurship, chooses the best projects among various startups. In addition to providing financial support from mentioned startup, SW Pars provides a wide range of facilities such as office and equipment.